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Adrianne Curry

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Adrianne Curry

The birthday girl for August 6 is Adrianne Curry.

Curry was the first-ever winner of “America’s Next Top Model.”  I’m a huge fan of the show and I often visit online forums to discuss my favorite reality shows, including ANTM.  A lot of fans on those forums have discussed how Curry must have pissed off Tyra Banks because Banks seems to pretend that Curry doesn’t even exist.  I sort of laughed off the conspiracy theories because that’s usually what I do; I’m not a paranoid person and I don’t go looking for complicated answers to simple questions.

Nevertheless, as the years have gone by I’ve realized that the fans of ANTM aren’t kidding: Tyra Banks hates Adrianne Curry.  I guess Curry had the nerve to criticize Tyra after she had won the title of “America’s Next Top Model.”  Apparently, she was disappointed with the lack of support she received from Tyra and her production company.  Tyra allegedly took it personally and continues to ignore Curry’s existence to this day.

It’s not unusual for a Sagittarius like Tyra and a Leo like Curry to get into it this way.  Leos have huge egos and they hold grudges forever.  Sagittarius natives often promise more than they can deliver and they can get cliquey when they feel the need to defend themselves.  It’s like a high-school battle between the homecoming queen and the captain of the cheerleaders.  The worst part is that these two fire signs work better together than apart.  They truly have a lot in common.

Maybe they’ll bury they hatchet someday.  Oh — who am I kidding!  That’s like asking Madonna and Elton John to kiss and make up . . .

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