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Daniele Donato

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Daniele Donato

The birthday girl for August 20 is Danielle Donato.

Donato was on “Big Brother” twice.  The first time she was overshadowed by her father’s aggressive game play.  I really didn’t get to know her and I really like her as a result.  She’d probably be the first person to admit that being thrown into the game with her dad was terrible for her; she sulked away the entire season just to avoid him.

On her second season, though, I really got to like her because I got to know her.  She was a big personality with a big chip on her shoulder.  Watching her lose because she was in a house full of dummies and crybabies was difficult for me.  I always hate the emotional players on “Big Brother.”

Anyway, realizing that she’s a Leo makes me realize that I do appreciate a great big ego on a reality TV show — especially in light of what’s currently happening on “Big Brother.”  Some of the people currently in this season’s installment make the prospect of watching paint dry seem rather alluring.  It’s lucky for me that I share one of the other “big ego” signs: Capricorn.  I’ve already sent in my application for “Big Brother Canada.”  Hopefully, they’ll appreciate both my confidence in my own abilities and my disdain for the sort of people who get cast on the show only to deliver ten weeks of mind-numbing tedium.

On that note, I wonder what sign Jenn is?


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