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Andrej Pejic

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Andrej Pejic

The birthday boy for August 28 is Andrej Pejic.

Each zodiac sign is either masculine or feminine.  Within those definitions there are more-masculine signs and less-masculine signs, as well as more-feminine signs and less-feminine signs.  The planets also have genders.  Virgo is a feminine sign ruled by the hermaphroditic planet Mercury.

That doesn’t predispose a Virgo individual to feminine or hermaphroditic behavior.  What can often happen with Virgos, though, is that their cosmic composition can lend them a rather sexless quality.  Virgo is considered to be a “barren” sign: rather sexless in its nature.

I can think of hundreds of Virgos off the top of my head who are the opposite of sexless.  Still, it’s not surprising to me that the most “genderless” model in the history of the fashion business is a Virgo.  Andrej Pejic plays both sides of the fence beautfully, but to me he comes off as lacking sex appeal in either case.

I wonder if I’m the only one who feels this way?  Perhaps there’s something in my stars that makes me feel this way rather than something in his.  It’s something I need to think about.


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