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Chris Pine

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Chris Pine

The birthday boy for August 26 is Chris Pine.

I thought that Pine did a fine job in “Star Trek,” although I didn’t like the film nearly as much as I thought I would.  I’ve always been a big “Star Trek” fan, but I haven’t been nearly as excited by the projects of J. J. Abrams, the film’s director.  I find a distinct lack of “joy” in his projects.  Believe me, I enjoy the “menace” within his best work, but I believe that he can get himself lost in the storyline, like a Hitchcock wannabe without Hitchcock’s delightful sense of self-awareness.  It can be exhausting for the viewer.

That’s not Pine’s fault, though.  He’s a decent journeyman-type actor.  As I mention over and over again, Virgo natives make terrific employees.  His portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk was probably the performance Abrams wanted to see.  I can’t blame him for that.


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