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Fran Drescher

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Fran Drescher

The birthday girl for September 30 is Fran Drescher.

In her role as “The Nanny,” Fran Drescher played up the high-maintenance nature of her own zodiac sign.  In this case, I don’t believe that there’s a big difference between the actor and the role.  Like most Libras, Drescher errs on the side of overdressing (as this article from an old issue of “People” makes evident).

Yet I’m not going to get on her back for the reasons her critics in this article do.  I like her over-the-top, high-maintenance sense of style!  I’d rather be stuck in a room with a hundred Fran Dreschers than with one Janeane Garofalo.  I’m far more interested in people who adore fashion in all its frivolous glory than people who dismiss entirely just because it’s not their thing.  That’s hardly a fair, balanced Libra approach to the argument, right?


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