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The birthday boy for October 2 is Sting.

I met Sting when I was kid, more than thirty years ago.  He wasn’t that nice.  I also met his signmate Bob Geldof around the same time, and he was really nice.  What intrigues me about these two performers is that they’re born just three days apart from one another.

The biggest difference in their charts is their moon sign.  Sting’s Libra moon likely gives him a little more “distance” from his fans.  Librans tend to stand back and evaluate a situation.  Geldof’s Sagittarius moon is a little warmer and more inviting.  Sagittarians aren’t afraid to get down and dirty in order to gain a new perspective.  While both men have had frosty relationships with the press at times, Geldof exhibited genuine warmth in the presence of me and the other fans who greeted him on that fateful day thirty years ago.

At any rate, Sting is actually married to a woman who shares my birthday.  I guess that there’s something about the guy that can turn the head of a Capricorn, even if I failed to see it when he was right in front of me.


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