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Brandon Routh

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Brandon Routh

The birthday boy for October 9 is Brandon Routh.

Only a handful of actors have played the role of Superman onscreen.  The first was a Libra native named Kirk Alyn.  He was followed by George Reeves, a Capricorn.  Then came Christopher Reeve, another Libra.  Routh was the third Libra to play the role.  The other two actors to play the role on television were Dean Cain, a Leo, and Tom Welling, a Taurus.  A new Superman film will be released in 2013 with Henry Cavill, another Taurus, in the lead role.

I don’t know what any of that means, but I do find it interesting that three Libras have played the part, all with relative success.  Libra is the “justice” sign, so it makes sense that a Libra native would fit into the role.  With Cavill’s upcoming debut being the only other “repeat performance,” it will interesting to see if he brings something new to the “Man of Steel.” or if he just continues on the same path forged by Tom Welling’s “boy-next-door” portrayal of the superhero.

That reminds me that while I’ve taken a casual glance at the signs of the actors who have played James Bond, I’ve never compared the charts of the actors who have played Batman.  It’s something I should look into!


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