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Nick Cannon

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Mariah & Nick

The birthday boy for October 8 is Nick Cannon.

Cannon is married to Mariah Carey, an Aries native.  While I expect someone with an Aries sun sign to get into fights with everyone (Rosie O’Donnell; Star Jones; Elton John; etc.), I don’t really expect the same from a Libra native.  Nick Cannon, however, has been known to lash out at one of his wife’s rivals, rapper Eminem.

The funny thing about the feud between Cannon and Eminem is that they share the same sun sign.  Of course, with two Libras involved, it’s a passive/aggressive war of words that never seems to end.  While Libra should ideally represent diplomacy and compromise, in practice most Libra natives would rather just let everyone else do the heavy lifting while they offer commentary from the sidelines.  In my eyes, that sort of complacency is their worst habit.

I did read that Nick Cannon once offered to duke it out with Eminem in a boxing ring with the proceeds from the fight going to charity.  For that reason, I’m on team Nick.  At least he wanted to do something to resolve the issue.  Most Libras would just walk away, muttering under their breath, plotting their passive/aggressive revenge . . .


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