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Thom Yorke

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Thom Yorke

The birthday boy for October 7 is Thom Yorke.

Yorke is allegedly one of the rudest celebrities in the world.  I’m not sure if he has no social skills or if he’s simply an asshole, but I do know that he shares his sun sign with a few other celebrities that are known for being rude.

I normally associate the sign of Libra with good taste and good manners.  However, I also associate the sign with obnoxious passive/aggressive behavior.  At least an Aries native will slap you across the face with an open hand.  Backhanded slaps are the speciality of Librans.  What’s worse is that they’ll deliver the blow and then feign innocence when you question their behavior.  It’s a rather gutless modus operandi.

I can name a dozen rude Libra celebrities off the top of my head, but I have a difficult time naming any who have got themselves into trouble for succumbing to their own worst impulses.  They might be rude, but at least they don’t go around slapping people.  It’s something, right?


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