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Rachel Reilly

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Rachel Reilly

The birthday girl for October 16 is Rachel Reilly.

I’m a huge “Big Brother” fan.  I watch the American version of the show religiously and I even auditioned for the upcoming Canadian version.  I’d like to see an astrologer like me in the house, although I doubt that I’d reveal my profession to the other houseguests.  Anyway — back to Rachel.  I was surprised to learn that she has a Libra sun, but I wasn’t surprised at all when I looked up her chart and discovered that she has a Cancer moon.

I don’t believe that a Cancer moon makes an individual particularly sensitive.  It does make them unusually defensive and rather manipulative.  In combination with a passive/aggressive Libra sun and heavy planetary influences from both Capricorn and Scorpio, Reilly is a manipulative power player.  It’s a good chart for someone who plays a dirty game.

I’d be very interested to see where Reilly’s rising sign fits into all of this.  Rachel, if you’re reading this, drop me a line!  I need to know what time you were born.


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