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Spike Jonze

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Spike Jonze

Today’s birthday boy is Spike Jonze.

Adaptation” is one of my favorite films of all time.  It’s also one of the most “meta” films ever produced (I kind of hate that pretentious word but it’s the one that describes exactly what I’m trying to say).  It makes sense that it was directed by a man who not only changed his name, but also a man with a Libra sun sign.

As I’m wrapping up this section of Libra profiles and getting ready to move on to another sign, I feel as if I understand the sign of Libra with its artificial gloss in a way that I’ve never understood it before.  Having admitted that, I’m interested in seeing what Spike Jonze is capable of producing now that he’s writing his next film without the help of Charlie Kaufman.  Kaufman not only wrote “Adaptation,” but also “Being John Malkovich,” another film directed by Jonze.  Kaufman is a Scorpio.

Will Jonze be able to create a film without the Scorpionic depth that Kaufman brought to their collaborations?  Only time will tell.


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