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Minnie Pearl

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Minnie Pearl

The birthday girl for October 25 is Minnie Pearl.

I was sort of surprised to discover that Minnie Pearl is a Scorpio.  I went through a few other “character” comedians in my head to see if could make a parallel between their characters and their zodiac signs.  In a few cases, I could.  Dame Edna, for instance, has that over-the-top glitz that I often associate with Aquarius.  Pee-wee Herman wears Glen plaid which is something that I associate with Virgo.  But nothing about Minnie Pearl reminds me of her Scorpio sun sign.

RuPaul, who can be considered to be a comedian with all the one-liners he delivers, is a Scorpio, too.   Yet his costume makes me believe that he’s a Scorpio.  I don’t even know where to start with Minnie Pearl!


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