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Joel McHale

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Joel McHale

Okay, this is the part where I apologize for getting two weeks behind again.  But this time I’m going to defend myself by mentioning that I’ve finally ended my run with one of the volunteer organizations I’ve been working with for the past six years.  I’ve also started a new job.  This has all happened since Saturn entered Scorpio last month.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve been complaining that I have too many things to do.  I’d like to write more in general, and I’d especially like to write more about astrology.  Still, playing catch-up on a blog that almost no one is reading doesn’t seem prudent.  So I’m going to just move forward by pretending that the past two weeks of November never existed.  Sorry, Scorpios!

Anyway, today’s birthday boy is Joel McHale.  I don’t get a Scorpio vibe from McHale whatsoever.  For that reason, I looked up his chart to discover that he has five planets in fun-loving Sagittarius: the moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune.  He also has Mars in Pisces and Saturn in Gemini.  The mostly-mutable nature of his chart with the three goofiest mutable signs represented (only uptight Virgo is left out of the mix) is what defines McHale’s TV persona.  I don’t see a shred of Scorpionic influence, but I also don’t know McHale personally.  Perhaps offscreen he’s a defensive jerk with a cold exterior and a venomous sting.  Or maybe he’s just the worst Scorpio ever.  With an accurate time of birth I could probably determine which scenario is more likely, but for now I’d bet on the latter.


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November 20, 2012 at 10:03 am

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