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Today’s birthday girl is Björk.

Chart compatibility can be tough to assess.  It’s hard enough putting all the factors in one chart together to provide an accurate portrayal of an individual.  Doing it twice is double the effort.  Determining if those two individuals belong together is exponentially more challenging.

It’s funny, though, that I can look at Björk’s chart and know that the two of us would get along.  We have balance in our outer planets because we’re born within a few weeks of one another.  We have compatible sun, moon and rising signs.  We share the placement of Mercury, and her Venus sits atop my sun.

I’ve had some strained relationships with Scorpio natives in my lifetime, yet there have been a few that have been my kindred spirits.  I can look at Björk’s chart and say with confidence that we would be kindred spirits.  I just wear my weirdness on the inside, Capricorn-style.  Oh, and my singing voice is an acquired taste, too.


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November 21, 2012 at 10:21 am

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