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Christina Applegate

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Christina Applegate

The birthday girl for November 25 is Christina Applegate.

I’ve profiled several Sagittarius “pop tarts” since I began writing this blog, and at least as many “dumb blondes.”  It’s funny that there are so many examples of women who fit beautifully into each category.  It kind of makes you wonder why, right?

Sagittarians just see opportunity and act upon it.  They’ll take a risk that others might not take, like being typecast forever after accepting a role like Kelly Bundy on “Married with Children.”  Applegate has worked consistently since the show that made her a star ended in 1997, but she’s never really recreated the magic of “Married with Children.”

I suppose that most Sagittarius natives grow into a desire to be taken seriously.  They can often derail their careers trying to escape from under the shadow of the huge accomplishments of their youth.  It can be both a blessing and a curse, depending upon how seriously they take themselves.  I suppose that Applegate is still working because she hasn’t turned her back on comedy.  Hopefully, she never will.


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