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Rita Ora

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Rita Ora

The birthday girl for November 26 is Rita Ora.

Ora isn’t that well-known in North America yet, but I suspect that she’ll hit it big over here sometime soon.  Like so many girls and young women who have ruled the pop charts (Britney; X-Tina; Miley Cyrus; Taylor Swift; Nicki Minaj), Ora is a Sagittarius.

In my previous post I mentioned that there are not only plenty of Sagittarius “pop tarts,” but also plenty of “dumb blondes.”  As both a fashion critic and an astrologer, I wish that Rita Ora would choose to belong to the former category instead of the latter.  Gawd, I hate her hair!  I saw a photo of her with brown hair and she looked gorgeous. I don’t know if there’s anyone else in the spotlight at the moment whom I’m more eager to see get a makeover.

Normally, I’m all for Sagittarius women exploring all of their beauty options; sticking with one look can be quite boring for someone who suffers from the fashion equivalent of wanderlust.  This is one look, however, that I just can’t encourage.  I actually didn’t mind Britney with a bald head.  I kind of adore Miley Cyrus with her blonde buzz cut.  I gushed over X-Tina when she was doing that retro 40s thing with her hair and I can sort of excuse her for the dip-dye phase she’s in today.  But this?  It’s the biggest fashion crime of 2012.  I couldn’t hate it more!


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