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Busby Berkeley

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Busby Berkeley

Busby Berkeley

The birthday boy for November 29 is Busby Berkeley.

Sagittarius natives are rarely renowned for their subtlety, so it’s no surprise that film director Busby Berkeley was a Sagittarius.  Known for his elaborate choreography and signature visual style, he fits the bill as a typical Sagittarius.  Yet his preoccupation with geometry in his routines made me believe that I’d find some heavy Capricorn or Virgo influences in his birth chart.

I didn’t find what I was looking for.  Instead I found those two signs entirely void of planets.  Berkeley, however, had four planets in Scorpio.  Without an accurate birth time I can’t really explain how these planets contributed to his visual style except to say that Scorpio is often considered to be the sign of obsession. Berkeley’s style did border on the obsessive.  Perhaps it’s that quality that I should be investigating.

Hmmm . . .


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