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Giles Deacon

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Giles Deacon

I became a crazed fan of designer Giles Deacon a few seasons back.  I always wondered what his zodiac sign was because I had a hard time placing his aesthetic under the influence of a particular sign.  After watching an interview with Giles on The Business of Fashion, I got a disinct Capricorn vibe from the the designer.  He seemed so steady and conscious of what it was going to take to build a brand.  So many people in fashion want to put the cart before the horse as they try to create a name for themselves, but not Giles.  He seemed genuinely concerned about first making clothes that women wanted to wear, thereby allowing his brand to develop on reputation rather than hype.  A Capricorn myself, I felt an affinity with his logical, patient approach to the business of fashion.

So I was sort of surprised this weekend when I discovered that Giles is a Sagittarius.  I made the acquaintance of a lovely fellow-blogger named Christina Lindsay of Fashion’s Most Wanted.  Christina is a friend of Giles, and she was able to confirm Giles’ birthday for me: December 14, 1969.

Although I didn’t have an exact birthtime or place of birth to analyze a complete natal chart, I did punch the designer’s details into my computer to have a look at where the planets were on the day he was born.  I wasn’t completely wrong with the Capricorn influence because Giles’ Mercury is in Capricorn.  He’s got the intellect of the sign combined with a sun sign he shares with of a couple of my favorite fashion designers, John Galliano and Vivienne Tam.  He’s also got a chart that mirrors my own in a few aspects, with Mars and Jupiter in the air signs (in a strong, productive trine in Giles’ case), and the Sagittarius/Capricorn combination of the sun and Mercury.  My natal Mercury is in Sagittarius and my sun is in Capricorn.  I guess that’s why I’m writing about fashion instead of creating it.  I guess that’s also why I idolize him the way I do.  I see myself in Giles Deacon, only Giles is me in action rather than me sitting around blogging, or flapping my gums about how much I know about the world of fashion.

But back to his chart.  This weekend was especially significant because Jupiter opposed Saturn in the sky.  This intial opposition of the planets occurs once every twenty years.  When the planets meet every twenty years, the aspect is called “the grand conjunction.”  “The grand opposition” is at least as important, and can be even more important when it creates aspects in an individual’s natal chart.  Giles has Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron sitting on or near the signs cusps in his chart.  The Jupiter/Saturn opposition was at 27°52″, almost right on top of his natal Pluto and within orb of aspecting all the other planets mentioned.  Combine that with Uranus sitting in the last degress of Pisces, and there probably won’t be a weekend in Giles Deacon’s life with as much astrological significance.

So to read the news that Giles has been named as the designer for Emanuel Ungaro this past weekend was amazing.  This should be a transformative experience for both Giles and the struggling label, on par with Tom Ford’s tenure at Gucci.  However, over the next week there may be some more news coming.  Jupiter makes its rare conjunction with Uranus on June 8, again within orb of all these major planets on Giles’ chart.  I can’t say that the news will be what the designer wants to hear.  Is Ungaro in worse shape than he realized?  Was he sold a bill of goods when he signed his contract that didn’t disclose exactly what he was getting into?

Perhaps, but without an accurate birthtime I can’t tell.  Just as likely, the news could be good.  In either case, I’m delighted to know that Ungaro is in the hands of someone as talented as Giles Deacon.  As the wise Auntie Fashion wrote a month ago, the label is in such a state of disrepair that the only way to go is up.  Sagittarian’s are the zodiac’s eternal optimists, so I hope Giles sees that.  I’ve got high hopes for Ungaro!


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