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Melania Trump

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Donald & Melania Trump

Last night while I was watching “The Celebrity Apprentice,” I noticed that today’s birthday girl, Melania Trump, doesn’t really smile all that often.

I guess I expect Taureans to be a little warmer, since most of them are.  I do get a strong Taurus vibe from Melania and her luxurious-yet-girly wardrobe.  She’s not over-the-top sweet nor too decadent for her own good, and she doesn’t appear to be a total fashion victim or a plastic surgery addict like a few notable women who share her sign.  Yet she doesn’t radiate the sweetness that I associate with the sign of Taurus and its ruling planet, Venus.  There’s always some distance between her and the camera — the sort of distance I associate with Scorpio women and their somewhat frosty demeanor.

Oh well!  I guess some people can afford to appear aloof.  I suppose I’d be content with being pretty and rich, too.


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April 26, 2010 at 10:42 am

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